Who is behind all this?

About the founder

“Go out and experience it, try it”

An encouraging phrase my father would repeat, became an important mantra as I worked my way through the western school system that emphasises theory over practice. 

Hi my dear, I am Aisha Kuijk – after obtaining a master’s degree in Product Design, I dipped my toes into various rivers. From corporate jobs with predictable career choices to design studio’s, I designed furniture and devices, shaping apps and workshops, but I missed challenge. And then it hit me: The only real obstacle is your own perception and resistance to change, so six years ago I took the plunge into the sea of footwear!

Now I create the kind of footwear that enhances your already genius human body, questioning how things are made & presenting alternative ways of construction, production, aesthetics, quality and use. Like a river carving out its path, I carve out my own, finding one opportunity after the next, never settling for a single corporation and always challenging myself to expand my horizons. I have committed to exclusively take on challenging projects, where being a visionary is required and problem solving for an ever-changing environment is as necessary as water to a stream!

Footwear is my vehicle to give nature a seat at the table

Le vision

Through experimentation, we have started to explore new & ‘forgotten’ materials, constructions and systems. And, just like falafel never tried to imitate meat, sustainable materials provide completely different combinations of properties from traditional materials. Of course, the adoption of these new materials requires the determination of optimal use. To get there, we need thorough development and multifaceted experimentation to create in-depth knowledge about each type of material.

That is exactly why Haute Matter presents a library of materials that work with the earth instead of against it. Haute Matter’s partners want to showcase their new blueprints for production, seasons and use cycles, highlighting each material’s talents and benefits.

The requirement to be included? The material originates from the natural world and incorporates the biological processes to encourage a circular and regenerative economic system and give back more than we take from our world. 

Showcasing these materials, Haute Matter looks to be an inspiration for new ideas. Using them in footwear concepts and designs, we hope to familiarise you with these new textures and their value to get your creativity flowing. Hopefully this can lead to a fruitful partnership where we can work together from absurd concept, all the way through to a ready to use fabric!