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Micro algae oil / plant seed oils + biologically derived additives


Fatty acids

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9 – actual system proven in operational environment


Texture surface treatment for high performing textiles.

Algae & plant seed oil based liquid wicking finish - ideal bio carbon based alternative to fossil fuel and petroleum derived textile chemicals.

Wick the carbon footprint away!

Beyond Surface Technologies
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Fast-drying properties.


Four technologies: miDori® bioWick, miDori® bioDry, miDori® bioSoft & miDori® bioPel.

bioWick - Intended for wicking, fast drying & sweat absorption - soft hand effects pose a possibility too. Concocted with microalgae oil (100% BIO CARBON) or with plant seed oils (96% BIO CARBON) so that you yourself pick the amount of carbon footprint you're putting out into the world - mind that the algae version's got the lowest miDori® carbon footprint of them all! For use on synthetic fabrics.

bioDry - Wicking and softness, made of plant-seed based oils - intended for cotton, blends and regenerated cellulosics while also standing as a multi-purpose fabric softener for denim, bottoms, knits, shirts, and etc.

bioSoft - Soft and smooth finish for all fibers enhancing comfort and wear, processed and extracted from plant seed based bio-stream waste.

bioPel - Water-repellent enhancement for all fibers, made from 100% natural plant wax - a liquid finish tasked with shielding fabrics from rain and similar water blotches!


Bio carbon chemicals. Up to 96% of bio based carbon material being used for their products.

Biodegradable & recyclable.

In addition, their bioSoft technology got granted the Platinum Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate.

Fun fact - Midori stands for green in Japanese!

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Optimal for performance wear.

bioDry & bioWick specific application - pad, exhaust and garment.


Coating & overlays

Production process

Oil is extracted from dried microalgae biomass and then further processed into their fine, liquid dispersion - note that microalgae oil is GMO free!

The treated fibers hoist the moisture up away from the skin onto the textile's surface to then further evaporate, letting the air do its vanishing magic trick.

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Manufacturing facts

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production time

Unlike other conventional textile chemicals, the team at BST aims to use renewable raw materials for their sustainable concoction instead of crude oils or animal fats, massively reducing the carbon footprint as we are speaking.

For that reason, their products are highly biodegradable and do not pose any threat or harm to either the individual wearing the treated piece or the environment around him.

"Up to 80% CO2 reductions vs. similar performing, synthetic, standard products."

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miDori® technologies


Matthias Foessel


Basel, Switzerland

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Patagonia, Levi's, Adidas




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