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Notpla Ooho

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Made of completely organic, untouched brown seaweed and plant-based extracts



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9 – actual system proven in operational environment


An adorable edible bubble. Exceptional alternative to traditional thin-film packaging.

Specifically designed for a variety of liquids, ranging from water to – you’d never guess – real cocktails!

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100% vegan, homecompostable and allergen free.

It’s food-safe certified as well. Which, on the side, also implies the material is grease-proof and water-resistant.


Home compostable, natural biodegradation in 4 to 6 weeks, both garden and worm friendly. Oh, and it doesn’t contaminate PET recycling. A nine-month material testing process made to ensure biological degradation at end-of-life – also simultaneously ensuring beneficial environmental and social impacts, product performance, scalability and cost. All lab-tested by the New Materials Institute in the Caribbean waters – their involvement goes as far as simulating a whole whale’s gut in order to test the product’s very best behaviour.

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Organic liquids and fluids predestined for hydration and food supplementation. Notpla has announced they’re planning on moving into the cosmetics and fashion markets in the forthcoming period. A true blessing coming our way!

So far we’ve seen Ooho take the form of many sauces – ketchup sauce, vinaigrette, pesto, sushi soy sauce… and everything in between – then we’ve got various fruit juices, cocktails, isotonics… Not to forget the famous water blob!



Production process

Notpla is using a custom-made manufacturing machine that produces Oohos sachets, all according to the desired and imagined measure.

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Notpla Ooho

Manufacturing facts

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They collaborated with chemists and chemical engineers to kickstart their career, but nowadays they lead an entire team full of many versatile roles and people. Working along with retailers, restaurants and manufacturers, Notpla implements a unique product plan to either allow the companies the production of Oohos at their own facilities and pace - or take the entire matter upon themselves and simply deliver ready-made Ooho art.

the factory

Behind the screen

Notpla Ooho

Notpla Rigid

Notpla Paper, Notpla Coating, Notpla Film, Notpla Pipette and Notpla Pearls – go check their website, some pretty good stuff is hiding there.


Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez & Pierre Paslier


London, UK

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Lucozade. Notpla replaced over 36,000 plastic cups and bottles at the annual London Marathon with their Ooho water bubbles. Just Eat. Notpla launched a seaweed coated food container with this partnership, causing ripples in the takeaway food industry and its plastic politics – which is vividly observable through their most recent involvement with Bidfood Catering Supplies, but also positively corrupting many takeaway food spots to use their Ooho packaging for finger-licking sauces too. By the way, the little Ooho doesn’t ever change the taste of the food as it’s nature makes it flavorless – so feel free to just throw him straight into your plate! Even Prince William paid Notpla’s headquarters a visit recently to steal a bite out of their organic material goodness.


Notpla Ooho
Notpla Ooho